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Lyrics from "Void"

These songs are on tape, and will be available to you in the near the meantime, we hope you enjoy the words.

Charcoal Nightmares

Charcoal, ash or diamonds
Depends on where your from
Twelve or fourteen grams per mole
It's something in our blood

If you look at where we come from
If you look at where we've been
Lightning hit the oceans
Self-replicating chains
Acids playing basses
Monkeys holding hands
Fishes riding shotgun
All with different plans

You're worth a buck fourteen
Me a little less
Try not to let it bother you
Suicide's such a mess
Break us down to carbon
It's all we really are
Endowed with mixed emotions
Taken a bit too far


What is evolution?
Only man's new excuse
To live in Darwin's legacy
And deal with our abuse
Thought you'd learn everything
One time so did I
Learned my lessons early
Had other fish to fry



Come in here and close the door
Youíll never believe what theyíve got in store
I donít want to waste my time with this stuff
But this time theyíve told me, ďEnough is enoughĒ
And I canít believe the paradoxical beast
Of living and working and playing in peace
And it seems to me now that things are askew
But theyíve told me and Iím telling you

That itís allright to be spineless
As long as you play the game

You scored real well and itís time we told you
Thereís nothing else we can possibly do
To make your life a little bit easier
Or make this song just a little bit cheesier
And we canít believe the intelligent choice
Between speaking and waiting and having a voice
But it seems to us now that thereís nothing to do
So we called you in here to say this to you


I played the game, I stayed the same

Running Amok

You should fear yourself more than you fear me
There's nothing to fear from inanimate things
I told you once and I'll tell you again
Just 'cause I like you doesn't mean that we're friends
Your goals in life are to step on mine
But don't bother me, I haven't the time
'Cause I'm just too damn busy...
...Learning to destroy your world again

Twelve miles away, the fire lights up the sky
Watch in fascination, for this we all would die
If only men could tell the cause from the effect
Our lives would be much safer, what did you expect?

Technology's not the cause of our ills
It's not the bombs it's the politics that kill
We told them once and we'll tell them as friends
We dropped the things once and we'll do it again
While we work in secret and do what they say
And save the philosophy for another day
'Cause we're just too damn busy...
...Learning to destroy our world again


What did you expect from them?
What did you expect from me?
What did you expect from life?
Did you expect that you'd be free?

Falling Behind (If Only I Could Remember)

Listen up and listen well, there might be a test on this
Heartrate slow and thoughts of home..Iíll rest for a little bit
Don't miss this important fact, what if Iím not awake
Haunt me later, not right now, and donít ever be late

Life to me is a string of fears even I cannot explain
Block the thoughts of where Iíve been, forgetting the cause of pain

Freud would have a fiel day, naming what Iíve got
Not the things I can remember, but the things that I cannot

Listen up and listen well, thereís something more to be said
In my head itís not quite right, so Iíll do something else instead