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Lyrics from "A Title With Meaning"

We know that you've been dying to read these, so here they are!

Helpless Before the Idea of God

I'm just a little kid
In a grown-up world
I don't want to be seen
I really want to be heard

I didn't know what to think of God
On the night I first met you
Hopeful vision in upturned eyes
And I didn't have a clue

I broke the laws of God
To prove my love to me
It didn't do a damn thing
If only I could see

I didn't know what to say to God
When at first I had kissed you
Hopeless vision in downcast eyes
And I still didn't have a clue

Left alone without love
Punished for my sins
I did far too much
But never knew where to begin

I didn't know what God had wanted
On the night I slept with you
Useless vision in darkened eyes
And I wish I had a clue

Florida Cock Rock City

I live far too south
For any decent band
I've searched all over
This side of the land
Everything sucks
When you live in this town
When you visit me
You're coming way down, to...

Florida cock rock city
Guitars that wail and scream
A real music scene
Is my ultimate dream

We have crap for music
I hate to live here
The only way it sounds good
Is to have another beer
I want to be real nice
And say something good to you
But I really can't
There's nothing else to do, in...


I lost my soul here
In this infernal place
Sun-cooked brains around
And so I rest my case
If you come to Orlando
You will plainly see
I take it in this living hell
Please come rescue me, from...