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Spiritual Darwinism?

Spiritual Darwinism

One man's attempt to make sense of the world

Why Spiritual Darwinism?

In my 22 years of living (admittedly not much), I've attepted and re-attempted to form some idea in my head of what, if anything, is the purpose of our existence. It is apparent to me that humans have an inherent spirituality. One only has to get a feeling of deja-vu once, or see a psychic in action to realize that there is more to the human mind than we may understand. However, the evidence clearly points to the non-existence of an omnipotent supreme being. (That argument is much too long to put here, see Dr. Niclas Berggren's "Arguments in Favor of Atheism", an excellent page on the subject.) The question is then, "How do we put these two ideas together in one comprehensive package?" This is what I attempt to do in the system of Spiritual Darwinism.

The basics of Spiritual Darwinism

There is a fair amount of evidence pointing towards the evolution of species giving rise to life as we know it today. My thought is, "Why can't human beings, possessing a staggering intellect, through the process of natural selection, evolve a spirtuality?" This isn't your run of the mill Bible thumping, gone to heaven soul kind of spirit, but rather people who had mental abilities beyond the normal scope of other humans surviving and passing it on from generation to generation. This neatly ties up the problem of God, and still accounts for odd "spiritual" experiences that humans encounter every day. Of course, a good number of these experiences can be explained in simpler ways, but there are those that remain unexplained.

More info, please!

This is in no way a complete synopsis of my beliefs, but if you want to know more, drop me an e-mail and fire away with your questions. I'm always up for a little friendly debate, as well, so let me know if you have any better ideas.